Wood and stone repair kit?

At the start of the game you get some repair kits to fix the graves but now I,ve ran out and for the life of me I don't know how to make more.

Where do I find moths?

I thought they came from flowers at night, but I gathered flowers a whole night long and not a single moth in sight…

How to burn bodies?

I made firewood. Now i need to burn all corpses i dont want in my graveyard.

How to use the quickslots?

I can't figure out is how to use the four quickslots at the bottom of the screen.

Building a Compost Heap?

I'm not sure what I'm missing, but I don't see the option to build a compost heap any where. Which place do you build them and whats needed?

Where can I access the available missions?

I cant see my missions just the map and the inventory

How many players in tribe?

How many players per tribe in small tribes?

Why sometimes some cops are controlled by the AI?

In some operations some cops are controlled by artificial intelligence, but I still do not understand why, is it related to any status? Stamina? Or simply random?

Indicator for Cops that Dislike you?

Just found out that Cops who "dislike" you won't follow orders in battle. At all.

Is there an indicator I can use to see who will and wont follow orders properly? Im sick of the one guy screwing up the stealth of a mission. When outnumbered, it pretty much kills any chance of success.

Torture health

Do the criminals recover health? Because I'm stuck with the third guy on 1 hp.

How can I gather information for an assault?

How can I gather information for an assault? It tells me A and B at the tactical map but I don't know what to do.

What can you do with wounded officers in combat?

If an officer is wounded, a skull appears next to their bullet count in the portrait and they can't seem to do anything in combat (can't move, can't take an action). What am I supposed to do with them? Can someone give them first aid or take them to safety?